BLND is a directors duo that chops the standards, liquifies ideas and mixes techniques until they get that matchless creature; the one that stands with willing heart among the crowd. Like cashew cheese.

A little story

Hi there! We are directors duo Daniela Uribe & Fran Marquez. We started BLND in Barcelona 2010.


Our studio has changed and evolved a million times since then.


From “Blend Films” passing through “Blend Studio” after 8 years of working our buns off, growing and learning what we really love to do, we decided to simplify things, therefore we are now BLND, a directors duo dedicated to stop motion animation – frame by frame crafting if you will – our passion lays in the making, in the textures and feelings that only real materials can evoke. We work on each frame like is the most important one to finally create that matchless creature.


We hope you enjoy our work and don’t hesitate to contact us to say hi 🙂


Fran Marquez

from Spain

Daniela Uribe

from Venezuela