Ustwo and We Are Goodness united forces to make this very interesting project. For a book they are creating they asked 20 artists to imagine a future with self-driven cars. How would they look? How will we experience this?


For us is about having more time to spend with yourself, to do what you love most. When you don’t have to drive, the car transforms into something else, is a small space but full of possibilities. It becomes your personal space, your bubble, your “me time” place and it just happens to also take you from A to B. So, you can imagine anything you want to customise your brand new personal space. You can grow a garden, build your own library with a very comfy chair to read, your own private cinema, your wood workshop, your own cave, whatever! And since you don’t have to watch out for the road you can make very delicate tasks like building a cards tower, modelling planes, and even start your own crystal glass collection.


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