We work under 3 pillars. TIME-MONEY-CREATIVE FREEDOM. We need at least two of them to be present in the conditions of a project for it to work. Basically if you don’t have a lot of budget no problem! but we must have time and creative freedom to do the job, otherwise the triangle falls down and the result won’t be good.


Every creative process has a few standard steps before the actual production:

  • Brief: the concept that will inspire the visual part.
  • Mood board: visual references, sketches & colour palettes to explain what we have in mind visually.
  • Script: a text document that will explain what’s going to happen step by step.
  • Storyboard: a visual representation of the script (if necessary).
  • Animatic: an animated storyboard (in the case of stop motion, this step is crucial to have an idea on how the final movie is going to look before the shooting).

We do all this to get everything clear before we start with the production, so, after these steps are completed & approved we can’t go back. We do this to avoid misunderstandings during the production.


We work with a limit number of feedback opportunities:

Before production:

  • 1st preview: to get a general feedback.
  • 2nd preview: to finalise details.

After production:

  • 1st preview: to get a general feedback.
  • 2nd preview: to finalise details.

This is to avoid eternal back and forwards and never ending projects, let’s face it everything can always be better but in order to move forward we all need to set some finish lines.


This depends of course on the project. But generally:

  • For videos & animations the final delivery will be a video file (.mov)
  • For photography projects the final delivery will be the final picture/s selected and retouched by the photographer (.jpg/.png/.indd)
  • For illustrations projects the final delivery will be the final illustration in the specifications of the project (.jpg/.png/.indd)
  • When we finish the work you will receive an invoice. After receiving the invoice, you will have 15 working days to make the payment.
  • We ask for the 40% of the total price before we start to work on projects with budgets larger than €5000 (incl.)
  • If the unfortunate situation happens and you are not happy with the result of our work you have all the right not to use it, but by agreeing to the “BEFORE PRODUCTION” steps you are obligated to pay the full budget. To avoid this we provide different opportunities to give feedback and discuss the end result.
  • Source files & footage material are not included.
  • In case you need the files, these are 25% of the total budget (incl. taxes).
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